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second trimester 


In our first "Dress The Bump" post, we discussed some tips about how to stretch your budget even further when you know what to look for.  The first 2 tips included the following: 

  1. Look for versatile clothing . . . one piece with multiple uses.  Perhaps a long dress you will throw a blazer over for work but also wear to the market on the weekend.  We also suggest clothing conducive to varying temperatures (warm and cool), day time (day & night), and dress code (casual and formal). 
  2. Look for clothing that will all allow you adjust as your body grows and changes.  Details like ruching, tie-backs, gathering at the sides, wraps and just plain stretchy materials will normally do the trick! 

For photos and details see the entire post HERE.

In this post, I'm wearing a sleeveless, Woodleigh maxi dress featuring a striped diamond knit pattern, open back, and full lining.  This dress slips on over head, avoiding all contact with buttons, zippers, waistlines etc.  You're welcome!

Since we stuck with a maxi dress, it still embodies the same benefits as the first maxi dress post, however, our methods were slightly different:

  1. My dress is versatile.  Warm weather or cool weather, this dress works with or without a jacket.  It can be worn for a formal daytime occasion with heels or casually with boots.  It also allows for bra or no bra.  If you want to show off the open back, you will need to go bra-less, but if you do want to wear a bra, just throw a jacket on to cover it up!
  2. It allows room for growth.  The free flowing dress enables the dress to be worn in the first, second, and third trimester.
  3. It is accentuating length vs. width.  One continual pattern from top to bottom elongates the look.
  4. I feel comfortable and confident.  I've strategically hidden the parts of my body I don't want to see ;)
  5. I'm drawing attention upwards.  Because I feel like my bump is still small and low, I've directed attention upwards with a scoop-neck, hat and (subtle) but statement necklace. 

Like I said, this is a second trimester dress for me, as I don't think I want to do horizontal stripes in the third . . . Just sayin'.

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