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second trimester 


Pregnancy is such a gift, however, it comes with certain trade offs.  One is that it's fairly difficult to find comfort in pre-pregnancy clothing and two - it's equally difficult to find anything hip or stylish in the "maternity" section.  That being said, the second trimester of my pregnancy posed a couple challenges regarding my love for fashion. 

There are a couple brands I love (including Ingrid & Isabel or BeMaternity for Target), but after doing some research, I realized you will stretch your budget even further if you know what to look for . . . versatile pieces to grow with your changing body.


  • Look for versatile clothing . . . one piece with multiple uses.  Perhaps a long dress you will throw a blazer over for work but also wear to the market on the weekend.  
  • Look for details like ruching, tie-backs, gathering at the sides, and wraps.  These will all allow you adjust your clothing as your body grows and changes.

Maxi dresses are a great example of this.  Loose or tight, they generally work during pregnancy and one solid color will emphasize length vs. width.  I'm pretty short, so I need all of the elongation I can get!  I also love the fact that they hide my legs and booty, which has been a place of pregnancy changes for me.

Another challenge you most likely face during the second trimester is your ever growing bustline. In this case, I say take advantage of it.  Remember those backless shirts you could never wear without a bra?  Bring em out, bring em out!  

As a first time, soon-to-be mom, I started showing a little later in the game.  That being said, I felt like my bump was a little lower versus up high for a while.  When your carrying low, one thing you can do is try to make your limbs look longer.  Choose tops that are long in the torso and draw attention upward like a v-neck or empire waist top.  Other accessories may do the trick such as a pair of dangling earrings, or a chunky necklace. The v-neck and empire waist top will give your figure a bit more definition and the jewelry will raise the eye upward, accentuating your blossoming bustline.

In summary, let's look at some of they ways I dressed the bump . . .

  1. My dress is versatile.  Warm weather or cool weather, this dress works with or without a jacket.  It can be worn for a formal daytime occasion with heels or casually with boots.  It also allows for bra or no bra.  If you want to show off the open back, you will need to go bra-less, but if you do want to wear a bra, just throw a jacket on to cover it up!
  2. It allows room for growth.  The elastic waste band enables the dress to be worn in the first, second, and third trimester.
  3. It is accentuating length vs. width.  One long, solid color elongates the look.
  4. I feel comfortable and confident.  I've strategically hidden the parts of my body I don't want to see ;)
  5. I'm drawing attention upwards.  Because I feel like my bump is still small and low, I've directed attention upwards with a v-neck, empire waistline and stand-out necklace.

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