Grab n' Go "Click Picks" from COSTCO!


Many days we don't have time or energy to make meals, snacks, etc. . . .  For that, I'm offering my Grab n' Go, "Click Picks" from some of my favorite stores!  First up . . . Costco!

1. SUJA Juice Organic 3-Day Fresh Start

SUJA's 3 Day Fresh Start consists of organic Suja Essentials cold-pressured beverages that provide the healthful hydration and nourishment your body craves. In addition, you will consume 3 supplemental mini meals designed by Suja Co-Founder and Certified Holistic Health Coach, Annie Lawless.  The meals are quick and easy to make, so it's suitable for anyone!  See meal plan below!

*The 3 day fresh start is only available at certain Costco stores, so check HERE for a list of SUJA's participating Costco store.

My Costco only sells the Green Greatness, but you bet your bottom dollar I buy them every week!  The cost savings is incredible as a two-pack (2, 24 ounce bottles) costs only 8-9 dollars!  If you're a juicer or juice buyer, I know you can appreciate that price!  

2. Perfect Bar

You will find these in the refrigerated section, so don't miss them!  Why do they call it Perfect? Here's why:

  • gluten free
  • non- GMO
  • 20 superfoods
  • complex carbs, but no refined sugar (sweetened with honey)
  • protein galore - 9-17g per bar
  • healthy fats from nut butters

3. Gardenburger

Sometimes I need a heartier meal or snack and these veggie burgers hit the spot!  They are filled with vegetables, oats, and brown rice and super easy to pop in the toaster oven for a quick lunch or dinner!  In addition to eating as a burger patty, I also add them to my veggie tacos!

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What are your favorite grab n' go picks from Costco?!