Kale and Egg Breakfast Pizza + A Glutino Giveaway!

Most people admit to eating pizza for breakfast from time to time.  We're talking cold, leftover, (maybe even left-out) unintended, breakfast pizza.  What is it about cold pizza that's so dangerously tempting the morning after?!?!  

Marek is a regular, breakfast pizza eater.  Let me add "sneak-eating," breakfast pizza eater as when I wake up, it seems the leftover pizza just disappeared :-).  Even Max loves pizza in the mornings.  Of course we don't feed him pizza, but Marek and I came home from a farmer's market trip to discover Max had eaten one and a half large pizzas that were left out the night before!  I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how all that pizza fit into his little body : /

Two regular pop ups in my mind are (1) There is clearly an untapped market here and (2) "How can I make a healthy, gluten free version of that?"

And so you have it . . . drumroll please . . . The intended, gluten-free, kale and egg breakfast pizza!  Keep reading for the recipe and Glutino giveaway!



Glutino pizza crust mix

Mozzarella cheese







The pizza started off with a gluten free pizza dough from Glutino.  What I like about their crust is they use brown rice flour.  A lot of gluten free products are loaded with corn and I prefer to stick with the ones who use quinoa, brown rice, etc.  

The instructions were easy peasy.  A package of yeast (included in box- thank you, thank you!) a little warm water, some vegetable oil and boom . . . homemade pizza dough!  I used vegetable oil this time, however, I may try coconut oil next time to see what happens ;). 

The dough can be pretty sticky right out of the bowl, but a liberal dusting of brown rice flour makes it easily workable.  The best way I found to roll it out was with a rolling pin.  I rolled the dough "semi" flat and then brushed it with a little bit of olive oil.  I then placed some plastic wrap over the top and really rolled it flat.  I like my crusts thin, so I rolled it flat enough before it was too flat to tare.  Per Glutino instructions, let it rise in a warm place for about 40 minutes.  You could easily end up with a prettier, more uniform pizza, but I like "the look" of handmade dough - a little rough around the edges.

Kale and Egg Breakfast Pizza 


makes: 2 pizzas

total time: 20 min



  • Glutino pizza crust mix - makes 9, 6 inch pizzas (I only used two sections and left the other 7 for pizza night with my girls the next day)
  • fresh mozzarella cheese
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/2-1 leek, cleaned and chopped
  • 2-3 cups kale, de-stemmed and shredded
  • 2 eggs, organic and pasture raised


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  
  2. Prepare dough for 2, 6 inch pizza crusts per instructions.
  3. I made a couple lightly greased, cooking sheets out of foil - just large enough to fit around the 6 inch pizzas.
  4. Brush pizzas with olive oil, salt and pepper.
  5. Cover top with desired amount of mozzarella chunks.
  6. Lightly sautΓ© garlic, leeks and kale in pan.
  7. Transfer mix to tops of pizzas.
  8. Cook at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes.
  9. While pizza is cooking, poach two eggs (or cook them over easy).  You're supposed to be able to crack an egg over the pizza and keep cooking it in the oven, but that didn't work out as easily as I hoped.
  10. When pizza is ready, top with egg!  Crack it open and enjoy it like a benedict! 

If you make a breakfast pizza, we want to see it!!  

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This post was created in partnership with Glutino.   All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting sponsors that keep The Food Click posting!  

xoxo - Coreen



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PHOTOGRAPHY: Coreen Murphy