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My sister over at asked me to participate in a blog hop that has been traversing the blog world.  I gladly accepted and here's how it works . . . Each blogger reveals a more personal side by answering specific questions about his or herself.  The blogger then recommends two new blogs for their readers to check out.  It's a fun, unique way to get to know your favorite bloggers and get introduced to new blogs!

By nature, I'm a helper.  Empathy has never been difficult for me and I truly believe when individuals have the right tools, information, and support, they will make better decisions.  So to live a healthy lifestyle and to make healthy choices, individuals need tools, information and support.  That's why I write.  To give individuals a resource to simplify healthy living.  I share recipes I eat to stay healthy and feel my best including step by step instructions to do it yourself.  I'm hopeful that by sharing these things, we inspire readers to make healthier choices too!

In addition to our regular posts, I'm currently working on a weekly recipe subscription.  Every week, subscribed readers will receive a 5-day dinner plan of quick and easy, healthy recipes  (grocery list included).  Dinner menus and shopping lists can be extremely time consuming, but being prepared for the week is one of the best things one can do to stay on track!  We will challenge readers to eat at home Monday-Friday and provide everything they need to do so.  We all feel pressed for time and your weekends should be full of fun, not tasks!

I try to look at health from a holistic point of view.  The interconnected nature of biology, psychology, and sociology is undeniable.  I not only share food recipes, but meditations and yoga sequences I'm practicing as well.  Healthy habits can include a wide range of activities from the food we eat to the time we spend alone in silence.

Just like my big sis, most of my creativity happens off the web.  Ideas come into my head all day long and for me, the creativity never stops.  Inspiration can come from anywhere and that's why I love to travel and try new things.  When I'm doing the most basic things I love to do, I always find inspiring people, places, and things all around me.  For example, an innovative restaurant like Richard Blais' Juniper & Ivy, changed my whole perspective on dessert by using beets in an absolutely divine dessert recipe that I still don't understand.  Unique yoga instructors inspire me daily with new messages of inspiration and sequencing ideas.  But, I think my best ideas come from situations most would find un-relatable to my blog :D

I also practice yoga every morning at 6am.  I try to plan my day before yoga, so my practice is more peaceful.  Being productive with all the ideas that pop into my mind can be a challenge, so structure is essential for me.  When I figure out what that structure looks like, I will let you know ;)

Next up on the Blog Hop ...

Megs & Pegs over at Curry Girl's Kitchen!  Peggy and Megan Curry are a mother and daughter duo who bring families to the table with their simply delicious recipes.  They specialize in family cooking, gluten free living, dietary challenges, and recovery for families of all ages.  They believe food is love bringing families together and making the kitchen table the heart of every home . . . I couldn't agree more! 

Thank you so much for letting me share!