3rd Trimester

5 Essentials for Maternity Activewear + Tips to Staying Active During Pregnancy

If you're anything like I am, you are continuing a normal routine of eating healthy, staying hydrated, and getting plenty of exercise while you're pregnant.  I continued my regular yoga practice up until my eighth month of pregnancy.  During the last month or two, my yoga classes became a little too quick and uncomfortable, so I continued a steady workout that fit my new needs 4-5 times a week.  Our little bundle of joy is due for delivery this week and I still do the elliptical machine for about 45 minutes in the early mornings.  Everyone has a different experience with pregnancy and its relationship to exercise, but here are some tips on how I stayed active during pregnancy.

Tips To Staying Active During Pregnancy

  1. Know it's going to take 2-3 times the normal effort to get out of bed and get to the gym, studio, etc.  Do it anyway.  You will have more energy and it will help with your moods.
  2. Listen to your body and find out what kind of exercise works for you.  Towards the end, walking actually hurt my body and caused me to swell.  Therefore, when I needed to get outside - riding my bike was a great alternative. 
  3. Workout, swim, practice, spin, whatever.  But when it's over, take a minute to really appreciate yourself and the effort you made for you and your new baby.
  4. Unless there's a medical/health issue, try not to take too many days off in a row.  In my experience, routine was KEY and the longer breaks I took, the harder it was to get back.
  5. Get plenty of rest, water, and eat protein and nutrient rich foods.  I tried to eat as many fruits and vegetables as I could.  You WILL feel the difference.
  6. Get sunlight on your skin everyday (avoid 10am -2pm).  Natural sunlight will help your energy levels during the day and also help you sleep better at night.

Top 5 Essentials for Maternity Activewear

In the beginning of my pregnancy, I was able to wear my non-maternity clothes for a little while. My longest lululemon tanks became my new best friend.  But with continuing a regular workout routine, the embarrassment of wearing the same two tops over and over again began to set in.  With many more months to go in my pregnancy, I searched far and wide for better options.  I soon realized finding good maternity activewear was extremely difficult!  But, with some help from Destination Maternity, I did find amazing pieces . . . Some of which I can even wear post-pregnancy!

1.  Beyond the Bump By Beyond Yoga:  Scoop Neck Ruched Maternity Tank Top

This maternity tank features flattering detail that is ideal for every mommy to be.  The gathered side seam and wide, racerback straps allow you to stay cool and comfortable, while the supplex fabric is possibly the softest material I have ever felt!  Not only is this tank comfortable for yoga, but having the supported built-in bra will be a life saver for any activity (including sleep) during your third trimester . . . I have three different colors and I alternate the tops with a black, active capri pant.

For every Beyond the Bump item purchased, the company makes a contribution to expectant moms in need.  See more about Moms for Moms

2.  Motherhood Maternity: Cap Sleeve Side Ruched Keyhole Back Active Maternity Tee

This maternity tee features a space dye pattern (mirroring the performance active trend), while the fast drying materials and key hole back keep you cool and calm.  The stretchy material and side ruching allow the shirt to grow with you, making it a perfect tee for the third trimester.  Aside from the gym or studio, it's also a great option away from the gym.  These tees became my favorite go-to for running errands and meeting friends for coffee, casual meals, etc.  I love the coral color, but it also comes in gray which is just as flattering.  If you live in a cooler climate, checkout the long sleeve open back active maternity pullover by Motherhood, also pictured here!

3.  Beyond the Bump By Beyond Yoga: Maternity Crop Leggings

Like I said, I just can't get enough of how much I love Beyond the Bump maternity gear.  These leggings are no exception and will carry you through your entire pregnancy (even post-pregnancy) as a fashion forward mom-to-be.  With an array of beautiful colors to choose from, the shirred wide waistband fits snugly over your belly or sits comfortably below.  I alternated my crop pant in the different colors and paired each one with the black, active racerback tank (by BeMaternity®) pictured below.

4.  Ingrid & Isabel: Active Capri Pant with Crossover Panel

This active capri pant by Ingrid & Isabel is the perfect, active pant that supports you as you grow.  The uniquely engineered Crossover Panel™ (can wear above or below the bump) paired with performance fabric offers a supreme comfort and a flattering fit.  You can really feel the support of these pants which makes them the best option for real performance . . . no more slipping, digging or riding up!  Such a great basic pant can be paired with any active tank or casual top.

5.  BeMaternity® by Ingrid & Isabel® Active Racerback Tank Black

This was my very first maternity top and I still wear it today!  Basic black allows you to pair it with any of the super trendy, "loud" pants without looking outrageously mixed and matched.  BeMaternity® is designed by Ingrid & Isabel® but available at Target at a slightly lower price point.  Target also carries their active capri and long pant.  I suggest all three.  You won't regret having a basic active tank, capri pant, and long pant to pair with any other Maternity active or casual wear!

Working out during pregnancy is a very personal choice and there are situations where women are unable to.  If that's you, don't beat yourself up about it.  Do what you can.  There are stretches you can do, chair yoga, meditations, etc.

Always consult your physician before starting any exercise routine during pregnancy.

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Photography:  Riso Studio

Disclaimer:  This post was created in partnership with Destination Maternity.  This means Coreen may have received product and/or payment in exchange for promoting.  That being said, all thoughts and opinions of the products are my own.  


Arizona Desert Bohemian Baby Shower

Our baby shower theme was inspired by how our baby plans to enter into this world. . . 

She will be in her most simple and earthy form, making her way into our loving, casual environment we call home.  Upon her arrival, she will be greeted by genuine, loving family members who can't wait to see her beautiful face for the very first time.

DIY "My Wish For You" First Baby Book

full tutorial coming soon

I genuinely loved visiting with all of our friends and family at the baby shower.  One by one, I got a chance to hear everyones' loving wishes, advice, so much more.  Although the memories are alive and well in my brain, I wanted to capture this special moment in time so I could share with Kennedy when she gets older.  In order to do so, I created this "My Wish For You" book.  Her journey begins at her very first party where she is still an idea in everyone's mind.

After I had a chance to speak with all my guests, I asked everyone individually to write down their thoughts, prayers and wishes for baby Kennedy.  We left out pens and had them write on the blank description portion of stock polaroid images.  We captured so many beautiful moments in thought from everyone including her soon-to-be-mom, dad, grandparents, friends.  Even our cooks and cake-maker wrote beautiful notes!  

I can't wait for Marek and I to share this small time capsule of how much love and anticipation surrounded her arrival.  

DIY Photo Album Tree with Sonogram Baby Pics

full tutorial coming soon

Everyone loves a good sonogram pic.  Even if you can't quite make out what everything is, it feels like a riddle one needs to solve.  And once you've pieced it together, you feel like you've solved the first equation to this beautiful new being . . . maybe you've even discovered who she looks like along the way!

Instead of covering our refrigerator with taped up sonogram images we may destroy, we wanted a proper display party guests could view at their leisure.  We framed Kennedy's first photos and simply displayed them on our backyard tree wrapped with yarn and clothes pins.  The display was strategically distant to the party noise.

DIY Bohemian Cake Stand + Cake Recipe

full tutorial coming soon + recipe

Our cake was created and designed by my beautiful and multi-talented friend, Christa, over at Christa's Confections.  Her inspiration came from our backyard bohemian theme and was implemented in a way that was precisely unique.  The cake was elegant and adorned with just enough flowers to create a bold color splash, raising the cake from its unrefined stand.

Supporting the cake with our DIY Bohemian Cake Stand added a simple and earthy element to an otherwise sophisticated dessert.  Christa and I must have been on the same creative wave-length because neither of us saw the other's creation (cake nor stand) until the day of the party . . . We were shocked how perfectly they complimented each other!

DIY Backyard Bohemian Floral Hoops

full tutorial coming soon

Backyard hoops have become a recent trend in outdoor decor.  And I have to say . . . I’m kind of loving it.  They take an otherwise simple space and create a main attraction for photos, backdrops, etc.  What’s also nice is you don’t need a wall to create this beautiful focal point.  We simply tied rope around the floral hoops and hung them from our semi-covered patio.  Stay tuned for the tutorial on these super simple bohemian hoops.

Aside from recent trends, there are so many ways to interpret the meaning of a circle.  When I see circles and hoops, the hippie yoga chick comes out and I start thinking about the interpretations of a circle.  The circle of life, the Mandala, or in Zen Buddhism, an ensō.  An ensō is a circle that is hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes, to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create . . . The perfect metaphor for creating a child.  The ensō symbolizes absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and mu (the void). 


Vintage Punch Bowl + Punch Recipe


Whenever I host a party, I always incorporate something old and something new.  There's something so magical about extending the life of a vintage piece that makes us all feel timeless, if only for a moment.

This punch bowl was originally my paternal grandmother's and after being stashed away in my fathers junk, I begged him to bring it over for my baby shower.  Immediately, I got flashes of my beautiful Irish grandmother.  I thought about all the amazing parties she hosted and all the wild stories we’d hear if this bowl could talk!

Tablescape 1

DIY Crate Table | DIY Bohemian Coasters | Trader Joes Floral Arrangements | Floating Candles | Wine Glasses & Tags | Threshold Mosaic Plates | Wooden Serving Bowls | Outdoor String Lights & DIY Tea Light Lanterns  

DIY Backyard Crate Table

full tutorial coming soon

When it comes to hosting parties at your home, there’s only so many ways to accommodate large groups of people without buying all new furniture.  For the baby shower, we assumed most people would be standing and socializing, so we really just needed space for food and drinks.  We came up with this creative idea of a DIY backyard crate table.  The very minimal cost associated with the table was a pleasant surprise and it only took us a weekend to put it together!

DIY Bohemian Coasters + Red Wine Spritzer Recipe

Full Tutorial + Recipe

It’s amazing how something as simple as a decorative coaster can add so much life to a party table.  The bold cork and delicate floral accents brought our earthy bohemian theme to life almost immediately.  A simple 3 step process and only 3 materials are required to make these DIY Bohemian Coasters on your own.  Feel free to switch out the materials and coaster base to match any party theme you’re following.  See the super easy tutorial HERE!

DIY Tea Light Lanterns + Backyard String Lights

full tutorial coming soon

If you’re hosting a party at night, the lighting set up is essential.  Lights can easily create or destroy a mood, so it’s important to be aware of their powerful impact.  Most of the time, I prefer lots of soft tea light candles scattered around the party versus a few, big lights that can fill up an entire space on their own.  To me, creates a more casual, inviting, and relaxed environment.

For our shower, I added floating candles, tea light lanterns and backyard string lights.  To make the DIY Tea Light Lanterns, I grabbed about four or five from the dollar section at Target and the hung them from our backyard sonogram tree.  This offered a little lighting to see the images at night, but also added some bohemian decor to a unique space.

Tablescape 2

Magical Thinking Patterned Cutting Boards | Floral Treat Bowls | Threshold Artisan Dinner Plates | Threshold Stoneware Serving Bowls | Pots and Succulents/Plants | DIY Bohemian Coasters | Tea Light Lanterns | Backyard Pillows | Black & Cream Table Runner | Floating Candles


Photography:  Riso Studio | Invitations: Tiny PrintsDIY Bohemian Coasters | DIY "My Wish for You" First Baby Book | DIY Crate Table | DIY Bohemian Backyard Hoops | DIY Cake Stand + Cake Recipe | Magical Thinking Patterned Cutting Boards: Urban Outfitters | Floral Treat Bowls Set: Urban Outfitters | Threshold Mosaic Plates: Target | Threshold Artisan Dinner Plates: Target | Threshold Stoneware Serving Bowls: Target | Pots and Succulents: IKEA | Punch Bowl: Vintage | Tea Light Lanterns: Target ($1 section) | Backyard String Lights: Target | Backyard Pillows: IKEA | Wine Glass Name Tags: Michaels | Black & Cream Threshold Table Runner: Target | Cake: Christa's Confections