Hospital Bag (or Birthing Center) Checklist

I've realized there is a lot you can learn about yourself when you start packing your bags for D Day (delivery day).  Marek and I are 37 weeks pregnant, which puts us right in that window of "things could get real" any day now.  As I'm packing my bags, I realize I'm having this ridiculous fantasy about all of the things that are so meaningless to think about when a new life is coming into this world.  I'm thinking, "What color do I want to have my nails painted?  What should I do with my hair?  Should I wear make-up and when would I even put it on??  Really, Coreen?!? 

The reality is, if all goes well, I will be giving birth in a birthing center, medication free . . . A far cry from glamorous.  But we all have our little fantasies! ;)

Before I can even begin to think about the fun stuff, it's all about the essentials.  I looked through a ton of sample "hospital bag checklists" and also got some great suggestions from our birthing classes.  With that, I've made a list of things I plan to bring with me to the birthing center.


  • birth plan and maternity notes
  • IDs, insurance cards and information
  • dressing gown or robe
  • non-skid socks or slippers
  • comfortable clothes, old nightgown, or big t-shirt to labor in
  • cotton bra or swimsuit top for the tub - sports bras are very difficult to remove when wet (for water birth)
  • massage & essential oils, DIY massage tools (tennis balls, paint roller, etc.)
  • pain/tension relief tools (I'm bringing a comb to squeeze while I'm in pain)
  • heating pad (to relax tight muscles)
  • lip balm
  • snacks, candies, drinks & straws
  • book, magazine, iPad 
  • hairband and/or headband
  • pillow (dark pillow case)
  • playlist
  • camera, video camera, go pro, selfie stick, etc. (CHARGED batteries)
  • 4 pre-washed receiving blankets.  Place on top of items in gallon size ziplock bag. These are to dry the baby off with at birth.


  • swimwear (for water birth)
  • PERSONAL CARE ITEMS (toiletries)
  • change of clothes
  • comfortable shoes
  • snacks and drinks
  • cell phones and chargers 
  • list of who to call
  • pen and notepad


  • PERSONAL CARE ITEMS: shampoo/conditioner, soap, face wash, flip flops, eyeglasses/contacts, deodorant, toothbrush/toothpaste, makeup & remover clothes, brush/comb
  • comfortable outfit to go home in
  • depend underwear for women
  • breastfeeding notes or handouts
  • nursing bra and breast pads
  • nursing shirt
  • nursing pillow
  • night dress or pajamas
  • plastic bags for dirty clothes
  • natural throat lozenges


  • car seat
  • going home outfits for baby in two sizes (all in one stretchy outfits are best)
  • hat, mittens, socks, and blanket
  • diapers (2 sizes), wipes and baby bottom balm

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