Pizza Hut Launches Gluten Free Pizza, TODAY!

Let's say it's game day . . . The BIG game day.  Everyone is ordering pizza and it looks and smells divine.  But pizza contains gluten and you recently discovered you are (a) allergic to (b) intolerant of or (c) choosing to eliminate gluten for health reasons.  You didn't eat before you left because you assumed there would be other options, but now you're left with two choices . . . Skip eating or eat pizza and suffer the consequences (whatever that may be for you).

If you think this is an unlikely situation, I'm telling you you're wrong.  This is extremely common for individuals following a gluten free diet and it's uncomfortable for everyone.  Gluten free individuals also like to indulge in a lazy cheat meal now and then and ordering a delivery pizza is a simple pleasure we normally miss out on.

Until TODAY . . .

Pizza Hut is changing the game, quite literally.  By partnering with industry leaders, Udi's and GIG (Gluten Intolerance Group), Pizza Hut has disrupted the "gluten free bandwagon" marketing approach and started offering a certified gluten free pizza.  Gluten Free Pizzas are available TODAY at 2,400 select Pizza Hut locations.  Check HERE to see all locations offering gluten free pizzas. (If you do not see the Gluten-Free Pizza tab that means it's not available at a restaurant near you)

Thanks to Udi's and Pizza Hut, I was able to tour the Pizza Hut headquarters and experience the gluten free process first hand to share it with you.  Keep reading for all the details below . . . I even got to make my own gluten free pizza!

Disclaimer:  This post was sponsored by Udi's so our gluten free readers will better understand safety procedures and quality control established by GIG, Udis, and Pizza Hut in creation of the Pizza Hut Gluten Free Pizza.  

All thoughts and opinions are my own - The Pizza was BOMB.


Pizza Hut offers Two Options

1. GIG Certified, Gluten Free Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza

2. Create your own Pizza on Udi's Gluten Free Crust

(#2 is called the reduced gluten option because not all toppings are gluten free and/or kept in separate containers)

The Process

Pizza Hut's GIG Certified, Gluten Free Pizza 

Created in partnership with Udi's and GIG (Gluten Intolerance Group)

Separate purple containers hold all handling tools and ingredients used in gluten free pizza - to minimize cross-contamination.

Udi's Crust

Pizza Hut's Special Ingredients

Option 1:  Plain Cheese

Option 2:  Cheese and Pepperoni 

Parchment Paper in Oven

Parchment Paper Directly to Box

Separate Pizza Cutters for all Gluten Free Pizzas.

For more details on Pizza Hut's gluten free pizza and FAQs, click HERE

Want Gluten Free Pizza at YOUR location?

Let Pizza Hut know!

Let Pizza Hut know if you would like Gluten-Free Pizza by clicking here and filling out a Gluten-Free Pizza request (click Gluten-Free Pizza Inquiry on the first drop down) on the Contact Us page.  Pizza Hut  plans to continue rolling out Gluten-Free Pizza to the rest of their restaurants.