Introducing The Yoga Look: Love for Yoga + Love for Fashion = #YogaLook

The Yoga Look


created in partnership with The Daily Look

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Yoga clothes used to be simple - just yoga clothes.  Little time or effort was made into deciding what to wear because regardless of what you looked like going in, you most likely looked like a wet rat coming out.  Yes, yoga clothes used to be clothes you wouldn't dare show off to your friends, but then . . . your friends started showing up to yoga!

The Outfit

DAILYLOOK Stonewash Fold Over Leggings

SOLOW Deep Armhole Tank

Aztec Print Sports Bra

Yoga has since become a lifestyle with women living in their comfortable and all too flattering yoga pants.  And the guys?  I think we know how guys feel about yoga pants . . . 

My mission with The Yoga Look is to inspire yogis to step "off the mat" when it comes to fashion.  Not all of us are at one with the uniform and yoga celebrates getting to know your true self.  So next time you're in class, let your individuality shine through . . . You never know what will come of it!

Love for Yoga + Love for Fashion = The Yoga Look

What's your yoga look?  We want to see it!


I'm digging these deep armhole tanks.  It's like you're only wearing a sports bra - but you don't have to feel self conscious!

The Mat

A firm, thick yoga mat like this one will make a huge difference in your comfort level and balance.

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Sports Bra 


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